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Microsoft demonstrates RoundTable videoconferencing device

Microsoft demonstrates RoundTable videoconferencing device during VoiceCon Orlando 2008. asked Microsoft Program Manager Brandon Taylor to demonstrate the RoundTable videoconferencing phone at VoiceCon Orlando 2008.

The RoundTable device is essentially a conference room phone with several video cameras mounted on it. The cameras integrate to give a panoramic view of a room. It integrates with Office Communications Server or Microsoft Live Meeting to give participants a full view of a meeting room. Directional microphones in the base of the device enable a second screen in the interface to automatically focus on individuals while they are speaking.

The RoundTable sells for about $3,000.

Microsoft had an interesting promotion for the RoundTable at VoiceCon. For every customer who signed up to buy the device, Microsoft would donate a second device to a nonprofit hospital in the Pacific Northwest.

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