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Wireless VoIP explores open source possibilities

Wireless VoIP is becoming a serious option for many enterprises, with small and midsized businesses especially looking at open source wireless Voice over IP as a cost-effective solution to their telephony needs.

Wireless Voice over IP (VoIP) options are rapidly expanding with the latest trend of utilizing open source IP PBXs to enable wireless VoIP systems -- which have recently been the subject of a great deal of enthusiasm.

Much of this excitement stems from several unexpected results of a recent report by Juniper Research which predicts that the wireless VoIP market will grow from $2 billion to $15 billion over the next five years.

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With that amount of growth possible, many enterprises are now beginning to explore the cost-savings benefits of wireless VoIP enabled through an open source IP PBX -- in particular, Asterisk.

In recent reaction to the increasing development of open source wireless VoIP, SpectraLink announced its latest telephony solution -- a SIP-based Wi-Fi solution and DECT Wireless telephones that have been certified for an open source Asterisk Business Edition IP telephony platform.

Though organizations of all sizes are exploring the benefits of an open source wireless VoIP solution, small and midsized businesses (SMBs) in particular are investigating options with open source IP PBXs and VoIP. These early adopters in the SMB arena have historically been among the first to explore the latest options for reducing infrastructure costs -- many of which are often associated with the use of VoIP telephony, and now open source wireless VoIP.

Working together with new partner Polycom -- which acquired SpectraLink last month -- and through recent collaboration with Asterisk Business Edition,

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SpectraLink will be forging into new territory -- though Polycom has vast experience in the open source wireless telephony market. Given its team of established channels, Polycom will play a key role in SpectraLink's foray into wireless voice solutions, predominantly for SMBs. Wi-Fi SIP interoperability from SpectraLink will also make the solution more practical for cost-conscious SMBs.

SpectraLink is specifically interested in providing a low-cost alternative telephony system -- an open source wireless VoIP. With its commitment to SMBs and with the idea of bringing enterprise-level wireless telephony to this specific market, SpectraLink will be encouraging users to cost-effectively upgrade the current wireless infrastructure to increase efficiency, improve productivity and raise overall customer service levels.

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