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Cisco, Citrix pair for application-based click-to-call

Cisco and Citrix teamed up to bring click-to-call to applications.

Cisco and Citrix Systems Inc. have joined forces to embed click-to-call functionality into applications delivered...

on the Citrix Presentation Server. This will allow users to initiate voice communications from nearly any application.

According to the two powerhouse vendors, click-to-call can be used on any telephone number in any application deployed on the Citrix Presentation Server. The user will be automatically connected to that number via a Cisco Unified IP phone.

Barry Phillips, senior director of product marketing for Citrix, said the addition of click-to-call eliminates the need for users to switch out of applications and tools to make calls using Cisco IP phones. He said the feature will add productivity, since users can go seamlessly from the application to the phone.

The solution integrates Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco Unified IP phones with Citrix Presentation Server, Smart Agent and Application Gateway, and can add click-to-call to applications that are delivered with the Citrix Presentation Server or deployed directly on the user's PC. Essentially, the technology recognizes telephone numbers within applications and embeds pull-down buttons next to the telephone numbers. Using the pull-down menu next to the number, users can select "dial" and calls are automatically placed via their Cisco Unified IP phones.

For example, in an email signature, a user could pull down and with one click call the sender, eliminating manual dialing and misdialing, which Phillips said can boost productivity.

Parsram Rajaram, senior systems analyst for the city of Winter Park, Fla., said the addition of Citrix click-to-call into the Cisco Unified CallManager has enabled the integration of applications and telephony in an easy-to-use way that is also simple for him to administer.

"Since our employees can dial their IP telephones right from any application, they can collaborate without losing the precious time it takes to switch between applications or devices," Rajaram said.

Click-to-call works with any applications deployed on Citrix Presentation Server, including Siebel, SAP, Oracle and Lotus, Phillips said. He added that the ability to use click-to-call in concert with applications and IP telephony builds Citrix's release of a click-to-call feature that works in most email and Web-based applications.

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