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Enterprises are open to Asterisk

Organizations have become so comfortable with VoIP and standards that open-source technologies like Asterisk are being given serious consideration over big iron PBX platforms. Learn all about Asterisk here.

Vendor and media hype about estimated VoIP adoption rates is at last moving from the could-be realm to the tried-and-true. Just try finding a new PBX that is not IP enabled. In fact, organizations have become so comfortable with VoIP and standards that open-source technologies like Asterisk are being given serious consideration over big iron PBX platforms, particularly those companies that do not have a preexisting VoIP infrastructure.

Asterisk, the leading software-based PBX, is attractive in that it offers a viable, cost-effective alternative to the PBX. Asterisk software provides all the functionality of a complete PBX and the benefits that come from not committing to a specific vendor, such as increased flexibility with development and management and reduced spending on those pesky licensing fees.

Choosing an open-source solution over one offered by a Cisco, Avaya or Nortel can mean giving up technical support, but not in every case. Digium, Asterisk creator, and other third-party vendors do provide assistance to clients who lack in-house Linux support.

Learn more about Asterisk. It could just be the solution for your organization.

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