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Hip to SIP quiz

Think you're a SIP superstar? Test your know-how in this tricky terminology test.

Think you're a SIP superstar? Test your know-how in this tricky terminology test.

How to take the test:
After reading each question, take a guess at the answer and then click the link to see if you're correct. Not quite a SIP superstar yet? Our team of Experts are ready to answer all your SIP questions, so send them in. In the meantime you can check out our three-part Introduction to SIP series to get up to speed on SIP basics.

1. This is an add-on to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) that some industry insiders predict will be the basis for a new Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (IMPP).
Hint -- no implementation is ever this.

2. This technology is a type of application that makes it possible to locate and identify a computing device (including, for example, handheld computers as well as desktop models) wherever it might be, as soon as the user connects to the network.
Hint -- stage actors must possess this.

3. This is an incident in which a user or organization is deprived of the services of a resource they would normally expect to have.
Hint -- you might get this if you don't pay your electric bill.

4. This is communication between a single sender and multiple receivers on a network. Typical uses include the updating of mobile personnel from a home office and the periodic issuance of online newsletters.
Hint -- a confused movie director might do this.

5. This is the translation of an Internet Protocol address (IP address) used within one network to a different IP address known within another network. One network is designated the inside network and the other is the outside.
Hint -- sounds like something that annoys beachbums.

6. This is a secure method of sending e-mail that uses the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman encryption system.
Hint -- includes silent white-faced performers.

7. This is a set of rules used along with the Internet Protocol (IP) to send data in the form of message units between computers over the Internet.
Hint -- could also stand for totally confused person.

8. This is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard protocol for initiating an interactive user session that involves multimedia elements such as video, voice, chat, gaming, and virtual reality.
Hint -- it's not polite to slurp if you do this with soup.

9. This is a standard approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1996 to promote compatibility in videoconference transmissions over IP networks.
Hint -- Could be the atomic weight of Helium or Hydrogen. (I'm reaching here)

10. This is sometimes called the Multicast Internet. It is an arranged use of a portion of the Internet for Internet Protocol (IP) multicasting (sending files - usually audio and video streams - to multiple users at the same time somewhat as radio and TV programs are broadcast over airwaves).
Hint -- might be a good name for a new meaty dog treat.

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