SIP and Unified Communications Standards

  • SIP network security measures

    Learn about specific security measures that can protect your oganization in the event of a SIP-based network attack. This chapter details the different types of SIP attacks and discusses various security measures and solutions to protect your ...  Continue Reading

  • Springer Handbook of Speech Processing

    The Springer Handbook of Speech Processing is widely regarded as a must-read for all telecom professionals. This chapter focuses on how businesses can implement a VoIP system that exceeds expectations and far surpasses the traditional PSTN.  Continue Reading

  • How does VoIP work? A technical guide to functional VoIP

    By now, you probably have a general idea of what VoIP is, but do you understand how it works? Do you know how many bits are in a conventional PCM voice sample or what "look-ahead" is used for? Do you know which two modes a caller can use to set up a...  Continue Reading