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Top 10 UC tech news highlights of 2013

What big UC tech news articles did you miss in 2013? We highlight unified communications news stories in this top 10 countdown.

Between Microsoft Lync competing for Cisco's business, Siemens Enterprise switching to Unify and WebRTC changing the unified communication vendor landscape -- a lot of UC tech news happened in 2013. Do you want to know the top stories that made headlines in 2013? We highlight the most popular UC tech news in this top 10 countdown.

Unified communications

No. 10: Social network software ripe for business

Rather than focus on differentiated services, the social software market made a smart move to work on integrating with enterprise software.

No. 9: Google integrates Voice and Hangouts

Google strove this year to drive deeper integration between applications like Voice and Hangouts. Google is just one of the major vendors working to make video the new voice call, in and out of the enterprise.

No. 8: Video conferencing software on the rise

The enterprise video market is shifting from traditional, hardware-based technology to software. Making this transition seamlessly, while still making use of legacy investments, will be difficult, yet software still needs hardware.

No. 7: Who will solve the WebRTC video codec dilemma?

While WebRTC promises to bring real-time communications to the next level, the standard has yet to be ratified. One of the barriers to its ratification is the particular video codec used. But that won't be a barrier for long if Google has anything to say about it.

No. 6: Blue Jeans brings together Lync and Cisco video environments

Cloud-based video broker Blue Jeans Network makes it possible for users looking to video conference and screenshare between Cisco TelePresence rooms, Skype sessions and Lync environments.

No. 5: Siemens, now Unify, brings to life 'Project Ansible'

Siemens Enterprise Communications was at the brink until news broke out about its new real-time collaboration tool, code-named Project Ansible. In the wake of the announcement, the vendor took the opportunity to rebrand itself as Unify, putting the company back on the UC vendor map.

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No. 4: Cisco creates immersive, telepresence video wall

As the market shifted in favor of desktop video conferencing, IT vendor behemoth Cisco advanced its telepresence technology with an immersive video wall option.

No. 3: VoIP heats up as the PSTN moves into retirement

After more than a decade of talk about the death of the PSTN, telecoms like AT&T have set a due date to switch off the legacy technology. But businesses need to prepare for the transition if they want to keep service reliability.

No. 2: Unified communications and collaboration back in the limelight

The year of 2013 showed renewed interest in unified communications and collaboration technology. Learn why in this interview and understand how to keep UC tech from failing.

No. 1: Microsoft Lync vs. Cisco: How to really decide

No other UC tech news turned heads faster than that of Microsoft's collaboration tool, Lync. When Lync integrated with Skype midway through 2013, it alleviated concerns about Lync being ready for business. Yet questions still linger about how Lync measures up in the marketplace. Will Microsoft dominate Cisco in the UC market? How should businesses decide between Cisco and Microsoft's UC tool? This No. 1 news highlight discusses what the decision really comes down to.

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