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Springer Handbook of Speech Processing

The Springer Handbook of Speech Processing is widely regarded as a must-read for all telecom professionals. This chapter focuses on how businesses can implement a VoIP system that exceeds expectations and far surpasses the traditional PSTN.

From common consumer products such as cell phones and MP3 players to enterprise-level call centers and customer service tools and even to sophisticated projects such as human-machine interfaces and responsive robots, speech technologies are now everywhere. Many think that it is just a matter of time before more applications of the science of speech become an integral part of both our professional and personal lives.

Written for those who need to understand or implement specific algorithms for speech-related products, The Springer Handbook of Speech Processing is an easily accessible source of application-oriented, authoritative and comprehensive information about speech technologies. It combines the established knowledge derived from research in rapidly evolving disciplines such as signal processing and communications, acoustics, computer science and linguistics.

The emergence of packet networks for both data and voice traffic has introduced new challenges for speech transmission designs that differ significantly from those encountered and handled in traditional circuit-switched telephone network. Members of the Global IP Solutions' (GIPS) engineering team authored Chapter 15: "Voice over IP: Speech Transmission over Packet Networks". These renowned experts present the many aspects that affect speech quality in a Voice over IP (VoIP) conversation. They also present design techniques for coding systems that aim to overcome the deficiencies of the packet channel. By properly utilizing speech codecs tailored for packet networks, VoIP can in fact produce a quality higher than that possible with PSTN.

Download the chapter in its entirety here.

This chapter was obtained with permission, © 2008 Springer, a division of Springer Science+Business Media.

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