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Mitel MiCloud: UC as a service product overview

With features such as contact center support and integration with Salesforce, the Mitel MiCloud unified communications system is suitable for small and large organizations.

Editor's note: This Mitel MiCloud product overview is part of a series on unified communications as a service, or UCaaS. Part one examined the evolution of UC in the cloud, and part two discussed the business case for UCaaS. Part three detailed the purchasing criteria and key features to consider, and part four compared the top vendors in the market.

The Mitel MiCloud Enterprise, Business and Office products provide a complete cloud-based unified communications portfolio that users can pair with advanced services, such as cloud contact centers and video conferencing.

MiCloud Enterprise is geared toward large companies, with 100 to 10,000 users. The product is based on Mitel's MiVoice Business and MiCollab platforms, which means companies with Mitel voice over IP products can move to the cloud-based platform without a significant learning curve.

MiCloud Enterprise features include call transfer, speed dial, call recording, do not disturb, localized E911, instant messaging and presence, PC softphone, voicemail with integrated email forwarding, call conferencing, and the MiCollab desktop and web client.

Mitel users can manage their products and services with one bill that includes the whole infrastructure, along with MPLS networks and Session Initiation Protocol trunks for incoming and outgoing calls.

The company also provides a range of compatible IP phones, including desk phones, wireless phones and conference stations. Enhanced mobility features for smartphones and mobile devices help employees communicate with each other and customers no matter where they're located.

MiCloud Enterprise also integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Office. Additional customer relationship management (CRM) systems can also be connected.

Mitel MiCloud Business caters to SMBs

MiCloud Business is designed for SMBs. Similar to the enterprise package, MiCloud Business is offered as a complete end-to-end product that's hosted on Mitel's data centers. MiCloud Business supports the same IP phones as MiCloud Enterprise, so organizations can continue to use the same phones, even after upgrades.

MiCloud Business includes unlimited local calling, free and unlimited long-distance calling in the U.S. and Canada, mobile twinning, automatic transition between day and night call routing, localized E911, voicemail with email forwarding, audio conferencing, call recording and outbound caller ID.

Cloud contact center provides advanced features

MiCloud Contact Center integrates with MiCloud Business to provide SMBs and large contact centers with advanced UC call-center services. These services include integration of presence, chat and messaging with the platform, as well as customizable services, like speech-enabled interactive voice response routing, multichannel workflow routing and integration with leading CRM systems.

The fully featured service can support all types of inbound and outbound call centers. Similar to other Mitel cloud-based products, administration is done through a web-based environment, with upgrades and patches provided by the vendor.

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