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A look at two Citrix GoTo virtual meeting room products

The Citrix GoTo family of virtual meeting room products, including GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, offers online meeting flexibility, but lacks interoperability with other systems.

Citrix has developed several GoTo products, including GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. All products are designed as meet-me, web-hosted services. For enterprises looking for video conferencing, the most popular and pertinent product of the Citrix GoTo family is GoToMeeting.

At this time, GoToMeeting has no third-party video system integration, which means the product might not be ideal for organizations that have standards-based video systems, such as proprietary video services. Users can only call into GoToMeeting from a GoToMeeting app on their desktop or mobile device. They can't call into GoToMeeting with a traditional Session Initiation Protocol or H.264 meeting room endpoint.

GoToMeeting provides a virtual meeting room experience, as opposed to connecting directly with other users. This meet-me model is in line with how many companies communicate today. Citrix is in the process of spinning off its GoTo products to LogMeIn Inc.

Citrix GoToMeeting allows users to schedule meetings in advance or start them right away. Meetings can be launched from platforms, such as email, Microsoft Office and certain instant messaging tools. During meetings, users can share desktops and hand over control of the meeting.

Users can choose between two built-in audio tools: voice over IP and toll-based options. Users can join meetings on a Mac, PC, Linux or mobile device. With certain subscriptions, the vendor offers free mobile apps for tablets and smartphones for its line of Citrix GoTo products. The app works with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Consider number of participants and advanced features

GoToMeeting has four packages. The Free package can accommodate up to three participants and offers web audio, screen sharing and one-click meetings. The Starter package accommodates up to 10 participants. The Pro plan can have up to 50 participants, and the Plus plan can have up to 100 participants.

Clearly, the distinction among the packages is the number of participants per organizer who can attend a meeting, as well as the availability of advanced features.

Citrix GoToMeeting pricing plan
All Citrix GoTo products offer flexible pricing plans

The Pro and Plus plans have one-click record functions, so users can record meetings and share the file afterward. Both versions also have drawing tools that can be used during screen sharing, so presenters can emphasize key points.

Larger packages are available by contacting Citrix, which also provides free, 30-day trials of GoToMeeting.

Customers can purchase GoToMeeting for up to 39 user accounts and pay monthly or annually. Companies that require greater scalability -- more than 39 user accounts -- can contact the GoToMeeting sales team directly.

Citrix provides online and live technical support 24/7 to all Citrix GoTo customers, including free trials.

Host larger meetings with GoToWebinar

Citrix GoToWebinar is designed for companies that host larger meetings, such as town halls, marketing launches and corporate events. GoToWebinar offers four packages: Starter, with up to 100 participants; Pro, up to 500 participants; Plus, up to 2,000 participants; and Enterprise, up to 5,000 participants.

Features include the expected webinar elements, including registration, reporting, polls, recording and custom branding.

Similar to GoToMeeting, the GoToWebinar service offers a free, 30-day trial, and each subsequent upgrade builds on the previous plan.

Citrix GoTo products work for small and large events
GoToWebinar offers companies insight into their corporate events and large meetings.

As cloud-based services, Citrix GoTo products are largely sold online.

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