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February 2016 Vol 7 / No. 1

Can video conferencing technology keep kids in school?

In this edition of The Subnet, we chat with Dhia Belhajali, a telecommunications engineer at Tunisia's Tunisie Télécom, where she works as a project manager in the network operator's department of engineering and planning for its transport network. Belhajali was also one of 99 women to be selected as a 2015 TechWomen fellow, an initiative headed up by U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The program connects women from Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East with professional mentors and "host" companies in their particular field of science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Belhajali completed her five-week fellowship at Polycom, where she developed a pilot program for using video conferencing technology to improve educational opportunities for at-risk students at underserved schools in rural Tunisia. What are you working on lately at Tunisie Télécom? Dhia Belhajai: Currently, I'm the manager of optical fiber projects. My main responsibilities are to study the existing transport ...

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