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June 2016 Vol 7 / No. 5

Vonage recognized for high-quality voice, video service

Vonage's SmartWAN, a cloud-based software-defined WAN service, is this month's Network Innovation Award winner. The product, rolled out earlier this year, aims to enhance quality of service and optimizes real-time network traffic, like voice and video. SmartWAN, anchored by VeloCloud's SD-WAN technology, maximizes bandwidth across multiple locations and works over a private or public network. To gain a deeper understanding of the innovation behind SmartWAN, Luke O'Neill, editor of SearchUnifiedCommunications, spoke with Sanjay Srinivasan, Vonage Business' chief technology architect. How did SmartWAN come to be? Sanjay Srinivasan: Our core business is delivering reliable, high-quality voice and video services -- businesses rely on it. The traditional PSTN, that's been around for eons, spoils us. Every time we pick up the handset, there's dial tone. Every time you make a call, it sounds good. And although cell phones have slightly lowered the bar, the convenience of having a cell phone outweighs the need to have the same ...

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