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June 2017, Vol. 8, No. 5

The voice technology evolution: From analog to digital to VoIP

My father worked for Verizon when I was young, and visiting him at his office was always special. The Verizon building rose high above the street, taking its place in the Albany, N.Y., skyline. His office was halfway up, a floor with great views, which happened to be adjacent to the company's network operations center. All the calls made throughout the region flowed through those rooms. In those days, voice technology was moving from analog to digital voice services. Standing among the wide equipment racks, I could hear a racket like an army of typewriters as each "click," representing an analog call, was processed. My father took me to another room in later years, a quieter space where the digital calls hummed along the racks like an efficient engine. Today, of course, even the digital processing center is nearly obsolete, as wired calling, not to mention the phone itself, has all but disappeared from the process of making a phone call. In this edition of Network Evolution, we look at the transition of voice technology to voice...

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