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December 2013 Vol. 4 / No.6

When cloud-based UC makes sense

To eliminate too many potential points of failure, Hoffman Southwest Corp. in Mission Viejo, Calif. built a private cloud to route voice calls 24/7 at its dispatch center for Roto-Rooter plumbing and drainage service technicians. Having moved away from public branch exchanges (PBXs) in early 2013, the Roto-Rooter franchisee is now looking at adding on cloud-based UC services. Across the country in Exton, Pa., New Era Tickets runs its call center on software hosted by a specialized cloud-based UC call center provider. Using this business model since 2011, New Era's 75 agents handled half a million calls in the last year to sell tickets for its customers -- more than 40 sports and entertainment organizations. The provider's call-center software tells agents which venue the caller is interested in to make answering the call more personal; it also automatically provides a Web page with information about the event to help with taking the order. Enterprises in the forefront of moving to cloud-based UC are often those whose business ...

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