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November 2017, Vol. 8, No. 9

Fully integrated UC&C challenges vendors, enterprises

Even though people are often facedown in a phone, tablet or laptop, plenty of pure talk still goes on in the business world. And as enterprises move toward using more unified communications and collaboration tools, networking pros often start trying to integrate UC&C technologies as a way to manage one old-fashioned thing: the telephone. That's what happened to Eric Prosser, IT officer for the Santa Clara County Fire Department in Santa Clara, Calif. "The original intention we had was strictly taking care of telephones," Prosser said. But the department recently integrated the Glip platform from RingCentral, based in Belmont, Calif., to go along with the company's VoIP service. Using Glip, the firefighters and business staff can now communicate via fax, email, text, chat and conference calls -- all from the RingCentral application on the Glip platform. Voice service is one component of an expanding suite of unified communications and collaboration tools that vendors aim to offer in a single application or environment. So yes, ...

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