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Understanding real-time collaboration tools for business

Learn how collaboration apps, the latest communications tools for business, are changing real-time collaboration in enterprise communication.


Real-time collaboration tools are making their way into the enterprise as IT leaders look to deploy RTC applications to enhance employee collaboration and improve productivity. Real-time collaboration tools are also changing how employees work, as habits shift to multitasking and mobility, leading to increased demand for persistent meeting rooms and other features to support new work habits.

But real-time collaboration apps could threaten to disrupt the UC market. Some organizations deploy them to replace unified communications tools like email, while others integrate smaller collaboration apps with their UC tools to provide complementary services.

Read on to learn how real-time collaboration tools are changing UC and the enterprise apps that are dominating the market.


Real-time collaboration in the enterprise

Real-time collaboration tools could be the answer for enterprises that want to improve employee productivity and support new ways of working. Learn how organizations are integrating real-time collaboration with business processes and how vendors are addressing competition from consumer collaboration apps.


Are RTC tools necessary for enterprises

The ways we work today make real-time collaboration essential. Learn why Real-time collaboration tools are so important now in the enterprise. Continue Reading


How to evaluate team collaboration apps

To evaluate real-time collaboration apps, IT teams must first determine which features their users require. Get some guidance on evaluating collaboration features. Continue Reading


Security teams must vet cloud collaboration apps. Here's how to do it.

Cloud collaboration apps must be secure in order to be useful. Learn what security features are essential to review. Continue Reading


How IT can remove roadblocks to collaboration

For RTC tools to increase collaboration in a meaningful measurable way requires forethought and planning by IT leaders. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Why UC often falls short of its potential

Collaboration without coordination undermines UC’s potential benefits. Continue Reading


The top real-time collaboration apps

UC vendors are jumping into the collaboration app market with enterprise-grade offerings to compete with popular consumer apps like Slack and HipChat. These apps offer greater security and compliance, and support the capabilities enterprises need for collaboration. Learn what the top enterprise collaboration apps are and what they bring to the table.


What Slack has that other collaboration tools do not

Slack poses fewer hurdles for would-be collaborators; no wonder workers prefer it. Continue Reading


Microsoft Teams changes up the collaboration software market

Teams, Microsoft's new entry in the RTC tools market, might give Slack a run for its money. See why. Continue Reading


Comparing Cisco Spark and Unify Circuit

Cisco Spark and Unify Circuit are the top enterprise real-time collaboration apps. This comparison chart breaks down the features between the two apps. Continue Reading


Workplace revolution: Will Facebook remake the enterprise collaboration market?

Explore Facebook's venture into the enterprise collaboration market and learn why cooperation between business and IT continues to be vital to modern companies' success. Continue Reading


Why is Office 365 winning out over SharePoint?

Jumping through hoops is exhausting. Workers just want their applications to work on their mobile devices, which is why SharePoint is losing out to the Office 365 suite. Continue Reading


HipChat gets voice-activated Alexa integration tool

HipChat now offers an add-on for Amazon Alexa integration aimed at software development teams. Continue Reading


Managing real time collaboration applications on your network

RTC management is an essential aspect of real-time communications. It’s also a field that is still evolving. Get up to speed now on UC management and learn what technological developments are on their way.


UC is software-defined networking's latest frontier

It’s not here yet, but SDN-powered UC is on its way. Continue Reading


What SDN can do for RTC

software-defined networking eases communicates between networks and apps; learn how. Continue Reading


SDN provides UC apps with the paths and priority they need

Network and applications teams in the enterprise must work together to truly plumb the potential of software-defined UC. Continue Reading


The challenges of RTC tools in Wi-Fi environments

Wi-Fi network design must take into account the needs or real-time collaboration applications. Continue Reading


How to pick network monitoring software for the RTC era

The age of real-time collaboration makes networking monitoring even more essential. Learn how to select the network monitoring software to best manage the demands of real-time UC apps. Continue Reading


Watch and learn

Introducing real-time collaboration tools to the workplace is a global phenomenon. Learn how experts in other countries are interpreting and responding to the challenge of 21st century RTC.


Are team collaboration apps right for your organization?

Every organization has characteristics that can benefit from deploying team collaboration apps, whether it's supporting a mobile-first strategy or evolving employee workflows.


Learn how RTC tools empower teamwork

Working digitally is the new norm and business collaboration tools address these new requirements, supporting employee agility and productivity.


How to evaluate team collaboration software vendors

The team collaboration software market has grown exponentially. To make sure employees have the right tools, organizations should carefully evaluate team collaboration vendors.


Providing collaboration tools for a mobile workforce

How to give workers secure access to the mobile collaboration tools they want? RingCentral’s managing director for EMEA explains the challenge.


Parliamentary Digital Service executive looks at mobile workforce collaboration

Mobile enterprise collaboration tools can improve workforce productivity and morale.


The collaboration definitions to know

There are many different terms that involve real-time communication. Here are the ones you should know.

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