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Take advantage of embedded communications with CPaaS

This guide breaks down the basics of communications platform as a service and the current state of the market. Explore the use cases for embedded communications, the technology behind the platform and its effect on UC.


The concept of integrating communications with business processes has been around since the dawn of unified communications. Communications platform as a service, or CPaaS, has been hailed as the next step in UC that fulfills this vision.

The technology offers embedded communications through APIs that integrate capabilities such as voice and video with business applications to optimize workflows and business processes. But the CPaaS market is still relatively young and rapidly changing, with acquisitions and new products.

In this essential guide, learn how organizations can take advantage of embedded communications and select the right CPaaS vendor and platform for their communications needs.

1The basics-

What is CPaaS, and how do you use it?

Understanding the basics of CPaaS starts with learning the use cases that drive enterprise deployments. Learn how embedded communications through CPaaS is the next wave of UC and how CPaaS compares to other technology, such as unified communications as a service. For organizations looking to deploy CPaaS, find out the different ways communications capabilities can be integrated with business apps.


CPaaS boosts business app productivity

CPaaS is changing the paradigm of enterprise communications by bringing together communications capabilities with business workflows. Continue Reading


CPaaS could boost enterprise video adoption

Embedding video into workflows is one way organizations can use CPaaS to streamline communications. Learn how video APIs could improve user adoption of video collaboration. Continue Reading

Blog Post

APIs, CPaaS are uncharted security territory

While CPaaS offers communications benefits, questions remain about whether embedded communications and APIs could open the door to new security threats. Continue Reading


Comparing UCaaS and CPaaS for external communications

CPaaS offers organizations an alternative to on-premises communications technology, but organizations must weigh whether CPaaS or cloud UC fits their internal and external communications needs. Continue Reading


CPaaS expands mobile communication capabilities

CPaaS allows organizations to embed communications into mobile business apps, but there are two deployment scenarios that must be taken into consideration. Continue Reading


Using video APIs for virtual doctor visits

To improve doctor-patient communication, The Medical University of South Carolina deployed Vidyo APIs to embed video capabilities in electronic health records and staff workflows. Continue Reading

2The market-

The state of the CPaaS market

The CPaaS market is incredibly active, with new startups entering the market and legacy UC players adding CPaaS capabilities to their portfolios. Learn how the market has evolved and the direction the market is headed. For organizations looking deploy communications APIS, get to know the major market players and their offerings.


Twilio innovates in the CPaaS market

Twilio has been a leader in the CPaaS market, and its new API suite hints at a paradigm shift in how communications APIs could be packaged and sold. Continue Reading


How to evaluate CPaaS and API vendors

Learn how to evaluate the products offered by CPaaS vendors to make sure their API offerings are technically solid and fit your organization's needs. Continue Reading


Vidyo focuses on video APIs

Vidyo launched an API platform that allows organizations to embed video capabilities into their business applications. Continue Reading


Examining CPaaS vendors, products and customers

Take a deep dive into the prominent players in the CPaaS market, their products and the types of customers they target. Continue Reading


Comparing CPaaS and UCaaS subscription costs

While UCaaS and CPaaS share some similarities in enterprise communications, how their services are sold varies greatly. Continue Reading


Predicting the future of the CPaaS market

While CPaaS is a relatively new technology, the market has seen a flurry of activity. Tsahi Levent-Levi takes a look forward at the direction the market could take. Continue Reading

3The technology-

The technology behind CPaaS

Communications APIs are central to CPaaS, as well as communications-enabling business apps and workflows. Learn how organizations can evaluate the platform offerings from CPaaS vendors to find the right API to build communications capabilities, such as voice and video, into business apps.


APIs connect UC and workflows

Organizations looking to improve productivity and operational efficiency can use communications APIs to integrate UC capabilities into business workflows. Continue Reading


What kind of management do APIs need?

While managing APIs may seem straightforward, there are three roles involved in API management and administration. Continue Reading


Comparing CPaaS and WebRTC for embedded communications

While WebRTC and CPaaS both deal with embedded communications, comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges. Continue Reading


How to assess APIs

API code is not self-explanatory. Learn to evaluate API vendor offerings to determine how well-written the code is and if it fits your organization's use case. Continue Reading


How API traffic affects the network

The effect APIs have on an organization's network depends on the type of communication taking place. Learn how to manage API behavior on the network. Continue Reading

4CPaaS in action-

An analytical take on the CPaaS market

Take a deeper dive into CPaaS and embedded communications with these videos, as analysts discuss the relationship between CPaaS and UC, as well as the benefits of deploying CPaaS in the enterprise.


How to select the right CPaaS provider

CPaaS providers range from startups to legacy UC vendors. Analyst Zeus Kerravala explains how to evaluate providers to find the one that fits your organization's needs.


How CPaaS extends UC

Learn why CPaaS is the next wave of UC to simplify and reduce the costs of integrating communications with business processes.


CPaaS bundles simplify communication integrations

Communications platform bundles make integrating communications easier with prepackaged APIs that can be dropped into business apps.


The pros and cons of communications APIs

IDC analyst Mark Winther discusses the relationship between APIs and UC, as well as the questions surrounding the compliance, security and auditability of APIs.


Test your CPaaS IQ

Every UC vendor seems to have some kind of API offering. Test your knowledge of CPaaS offerings, API development and enterprise use cases.

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CPaaS terms to know

Becoming an expert in CPaaS means knowing a few key terms. Take a look at our glossary of important CPaaS and API-related definitions.

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