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Successfully deploying your enterprise social network

Learn how to successfully build and deploy an enterprise social network your employees will want to use.


Enterprises are looking for new ways to increase productivity and improve collaboration among employees. An enterprise social network is one way to help employees share information and work more quickly and efficiently. But if enterprises don't have a strong foundation to the social network, adoption rates among employees will be low.

This essential guide discusses how to successfully deploy an enterprise social network, from evaluating social media tools to building a strategy to engaging users. Get started learning how you can make an enterprise social network thrive for your enterprise.


Define an enterprise social strategy

The key to a successful enterprise social network deployment is a strong social strategy. Enterprises that don't develop a strong social strategy run the risk of employees opting out of social tools, leading to wasted time and money. Learn the key factors that should be included in an enterprise social strategy and who should be involved in developing a strategy.


How to ensure successful social software adoption

From user experience to establishing business goals, analyst Blair Pleasant offers four tips to ensure a successful enterprise social network deployment. Continue Reading


Defining an enterprise social media strategy

Deploying an enterprise social network is a group effort among all departments, from HR creating employee guidelines to IT optimizing the network. Continue Reading


How to craft an effective enterprise social network strategy

Jesse Wilkins, the director of research and development at the Association of Information and Image Management, offers tips on what enterprises should and not do when creating an enterprise social strategy. Continue Reading


What enterprises must ask before investing in social software

Learn the five key questions every enterprise should address before investing in an enterprise social network. Continue Reading


Find the right tools

Social tools and software can make or break an enterprise social network deployment. Enterprises must evaluate all the options available, from consumer to enterprise-grade tools, to know which option is the right fit. Choosing the right social tools means increased adoption among employees and improved collaboration. Learn what social tools are available and how to determine which is the best fit for your enterprise.


Consumer vs. enterprise social software

Some enterprises still opt for free consumer social tools for a low-cost enterprise social network. But enterprise-grade social tools offer benefits that enterprises can't get from consumer options. Continue Reading


Project management tools get more social

Project management is one area that benefits from integration with social tools. Learn why employees want and need social tools that help with project management. Continue Reading


Enterprise social tools yield benefits, security concerns

Before enterprises can enjoy the benefits of social software, they must be aware of the security risks that come with the software. Continue Reading


Vendors answering call for enterprise social tools

As enterprises see the growing value in deploying social software, vendors have been tying social tools to their collaboration platforms. Continue Reading


Striking the balance of social and UC tools

The term 'social' itself can be an inhibitor to adoption of social tools. Finding the UC tools that encourage social collaboration can ease the fears around the term and lead to increased adoption. Continue Reading


Comparing enterprise social software vendors

From Yammer to WebEx, there are many social software options available to enterprises. Compare and contrast enterprise social network offerings to know which service is best for your enterprise. Continue Reading


Engage users to improve collaboration

User engagement is the key indicator of an enterprise social network's success. If employees aren't engaged and encouraged to use social tools, then they won't use them at all. Employees who find social tools engaging use them in their daily responsibilities and collaboration and productivity are improved as a result. From social gamification to breaking cultural barriers, learn the different ways enterprises can engage users when deploying social tools.


Building social software adoption rates

Many enterprises focus on having the latest and greatest technology when deploying an enterprise social network. But enterprises should focus on the users and not technology to foster adoption. Continue Reading


Challenges of social collaboration software adoption

Enterprise social collaboration software can help employees and IT do their jobs, but companies struggle with getting workers to use the tools. Continue Reading


The benefits of social gamification

Social gamification is one way organizations can engage users and encourage collaboration. Learn how gamification can foster both. Continue Reading


Collaboration gains make the case for social tools

Learn how a successful enterprise social network deployment improves not only departmental collaboration, but collaboration across the whole organization. Continue Reading


Breaking barriers to social software adoption

The barriers to social software adoption are not technical, but cultural. Learn how to break down cultural barriers and help employees approach social software in a new way. Continue Reading


Integrate with workflows and applications

Integrating social tools and software into current applications and workflows means increased adoption across the enterprise. Users don't want standalone social tools that can be seen as a burdensome addition to the tools they're already using. Learn more about the importance of integration and how enterprises can approach integration during deployment.


Enterprise demand for better social media integration

Social media integration into UC applications boosts social media adoption. Learn why enterprises want better integration of social media with their UC tools. Continue Reading


UC and social software integration is a must-have

Enterprise social networking can make collaboration more efficient. But users won't adopt social tools unless they integrate with the UC tools they use daily. Continue Reading


Social software must integrate with business apps

Enterprises don't want standalone social software, but they shouldn't cram social tools where they don't belong. Learn how to strike a balance when deploying an enterprise social network. Continue Reading


Terms to know

Deploying an enterprise social network means knowing the difference between a social network and social media. Knowing the different social enterprise terms is valuable to deployment success. Learn the social terms you need to know in our glossary.

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