Successfully deploying your enterprise social network

Last updated:December 2014

Editor's note

Enterprises are looking for new ways to increase productivity and improve collaboration among employees. An enterprise social network is one way to help employees share information and work more quickly and efficiently. But if enterprises don't have a strong foundation to the social network, adoption rates among employees will be low.

This essential guide discusses how to successfully deploy an enterprise social network, from evaluating social media tools to building a strategy to engaging users. Get started learning how you can make an enterprise social network thrive for your enterprise.

1Find the right tools

Social tools and software can make or break an enterprise social network deployment. Enterprises must evaluate all the options available, from consumer to enterprise-grade tools, to know which option is the right fit. Choosing the right social tools means increased adoption among employees and improved collaboration. Learn what social tools are available and how to determine which is the best fit for your enterprise.

2Engage users to improve collaboration

User engagement is the key indicator of an enterprise social network's success. If employees aren't engaged and encouraged to use social tools, then they won't use them at all. Employees who find social tools engaging use them in their daily responsibilities and collaboration and productivity are improved as a result. From social gamification to breaking cultural barriers, learn the different ways enterprises can engage users when deploying social tools.

3Integrate with workflows and applications

Integrating social tools and software into current applications and workflows means increased adoption across the enterprise. Users don't want standalone social tools that can be seen as a burdensome addition to the tools they're already using. Learn more about the importance of integration and how enterprises can approach integration during deployment.