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Reaping the business benefits of collaboration tools

Use this Priority Report to help you develop the right strategy around cost considerations, requirements and product offerings to reap the benefits of current collaboration tools.


Collaboration tools are an essential part of optimizing your team's workflow. In this guide, learn how to unlock the benefits of collaboration tools by finding the right tools that meet your organization's needs across teams and meeting rooms. Develop a collaboration strategy by examining cost considerations, deployments, and hardware- and software-based collaboration offerings.

1Collaboration tools-

Navigating the plethora of business collaboration tools

There are countless available collaboration tools in the market, making it essential to understand exactly which tools are necessary for improving workflow for your teams. You'll reap the benefits of collaboration tools when you understand what tools are most effective and how to deploy them successfully.


Navigating the enterprise collaboration landscape

The first step in evaluating an enterprise collaboration service is to determine your company's needs. Establishing a set of criteria for services is key. Continue Reading


Consolidating and streamlining enterprise collaboration tools

Having all users on one platform is the most effective way for teams to collaborate. Consolidating overlapping features is a must. Continue Reading


Trends for communication and collaboration

The primary user interface shifts to team collaboration tools, and cloud could mean end-of-life for on premises users. Continue Reading


Team collaboration strategies focus on streamlining

In an effort to streamline IT and end-user communications, companies are consolidating messaging to one platform. Continue Reading


Which collaboration tool is best for your team?

Wondering how platforms from Slack and Cisco stack up against each other? These charts help map the differences. Continue Reading

2Team collaboration-

Options and tips for implementing team collaboration applications

Once you know which enterprise collaboration tools you need, it's time to think about deployment and implementation. How you deploy team collaboration applications will dictate how effective they are in optimizing workflow.


Helpful tips for managing team collaboration applications

Managing multiple team collaboration application deployments can boggle the mind. These tips can help improve management of all team collaboration applications across your organization. Continue Reading


A closer look at the Microsoft Teams application

Office 365 subscriptions may come with the collaboration application, Microsoft Teams. Here is how it could benefit your organization's collaborations. Continue Reading


What to consider when deploying team collaboration software

One of the important considerations when evaluating a team collaboration app is who will be implementing the service. Continue Reading


Adoption strategy options for team collaboration tools

There are several ways team collaboration tools can be deployed. Which you choose largely depends on whether you want to focus on user choices or IT and executive control. Continue Reading


Options for group collaboration software deployment

Collaboration management is important to consider when planning collaboration software deployment. Here are some potential issues that may arise. Continue Reading

3Video collaboration spaces-

How video collaboration and huddle rooms work together

Creating the appropriate space is essential to workflow and collaboration; without the right space for the job, more issues than solutions can crop up. Here's how to assess your needs for conference rooms, huddle rooms and more.


Simple and affordable huddle-room hardware

Vendors are making it easy to outfit huddle rooms with cost-effective kits complete with camera and audio peripherals. Continue Reading


Video conferencing software provides room flexibility and more

Huddle rooms and small meeting rooms can solve IT management and workflow issues with video-conferencing software aids. Continue Reading


Customized huddle rooms optimize collaboration workflow

Small conference rooms and huddle rooms can be designed to support the specific types of meetings your teams conduct. Continue Reading


The importance of huddle rooms to video conferencing strategies

With video conferencing on the rise, it's important to understand where huddle room and video conferencing fit in to your collaboration strategy Continue Reading

4Cloud collaboration services-

Navigating options to choose a cloud collaboration service

There is no shortage of enterprise collaboration tools available and, depending on your communication and collaboration needs, the cloud is a great option. Learn about what benefits the cloud can have for communication and collaboration.


State of net neutrality may influence cost of UC services

The repeal of net neutrality opens the door for internet providers to place cost restrictions on internet-based services. This could mean price hikes for businesses looking to maintain reliable internet voice and video communications. Continue Reading


Preparing for network traffic increases

Collaboration applications are becoming more commonplace, leading to growth of traffic on mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Here are some tips on supporting traffic increases. Continue Reading


Choosing the right mobile communication and collaboration

CPaaS and UC both support communication and collaboration; however understanding communication needs of your employees will help dictate which is the right choice for your business. Continue Reading


When thinking about external communications, consider CPaaS

When deciding between UCaaS and CPaaS looking at the value of external and internal communications is key. Continue Reading

5What is collaboration -

Collaboration defined

Unified communications vocabulary is extensive and sometime complex. It's important to understand the language when navigating new technology. Here are some selected terms to get familiar with.

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