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Preparing your enterprise for video integration

Successful video integration means knowing how video will affect your UC architecture and network and the ways your enterprise can use video to improve collaboration.


Video has become a vital technology as enterprises look to expand their collaboration capabilities. To fully take advantage of video integration, enterprises must look at the needs within their organization and architecture, as well as the standards that affect video performance. Irwin Lazar, vice president and service director for Nemertes Research, explains what is driving the need for video integration and what enterprises can do to ensure their UC architecture and network are prepared for video.


Improving collaboration with video

One of the main reasons enterprises opt for video integration is to improve collaboration among employees. Enterprises that do deploy video see benefits that range from better nonverbal communication during meetings to increased employee productivity. But enterprises must do more than just deploy desktop video if they want to improve collaboration within their organization.


Pushing for enterprise video collaboration

Learn how video integration can improve how employees collaborate and where the future lies in enterprise video.


Integrating video with UC architecture

Integrating video in the enterprise is just adding another piece to the UC architecture puzzle. But enterprises ultimately want a cohesive architecture where UC applications are seamlessly tied together. To achieve it, enterprises must make sure their architecture is prepared and be ready to solve the organizational challenges that can arise during implementation.


Preparing your UC architecture for video

Learn the three phases of successful video integration in UC architecture.


Getting your network ready for video

Many enterprises discover that video is one of the worst types of traffic to bring to their networks due to its intensive bandwidth and latency requirements. Enterprises must make sure their networks can support the heavy demand from video without sacrificing the performance of other applications. There are many options available to enterprises to help them prepare for and support video.


Deploy video without killing your network

There are five solutions available to enterprises to ensure their network is ready for video integration.

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