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A virtual meeting room is a unique identifier that allows a meeting organizer to invited attendees from disparate geographical locations to collaborate in real time over the Internet. A virtual meeting room is also known as a virtual meeting space.

A virtual meeting room can be reached through a Web browser or software application hosted on a service provider's server. When the organizer and attendees log in to the meeting, they all enter the same unique identifier to ensure they connect. While many virtual meeting room services are focused on video collaboration, they can also be used for audio-only teleconference meetings. Many virtual meeting room service providers give the meeting organizer and attendees a variety of tools to facilitate collaboration, including  instant messaging, application sharing, recording, screen sharing and document sharing capabilities. 

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Virtual meeting rooms are seen as cost-effective because they allow people to collaborate anywhere at any time. The ability to create virtual meeting rooms are a feature of conferencing and collaboration services like Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Skype for Business and Citrix GoToMeeting. There are also subscription-based virtual meeting room services like and Pexip. Some services, like WebEx, offer permanent virtual meeting rooms, while other services, like, generate one-time-use virtual meeting rooms.







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Since our company is 50% or greater distributed, this has been a big help to us with being able to collaborate on documents and hold meetings in real time. The drawbacks still are latency and difficulty in handing control from one person to another. It's gotten considerably better than when I was first using these technologies a decade ago.

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