communications-enabled business processes (CEBP)

What is communications-enabled business processes? Communications-enabled business processes (CEBP) is the integration of communications capabilities into software-enabled business procedures, applications and technologies. CEBP enables communication between applications as well as between applications and humans to automate many components of business processes. The purpose is to optimize those processes and to ensure continuous, low-latency, real-time communications among the customers, suppliers and employees of an enterprise.

One of the better known CEBP vendors is Avaya Inc. of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA. The Avaya CEBP solution consists of a communications process manager, an event processor and software integration services:

  • The communications process manager keeps track of data exchanged by business-related systems, flagging significant events.
  • When an important or unusual event occurs, the event processor brings key players together using unified communications (UC) encompassing all available technologies such as conventional telephone, voice over IP (VoIP), cellular telephone, instant messaging (IM), texting and email.
  • Software integration ensures compatibility among all devices, systems, technologies and programs to minimize conflicts, bottlenecks and delays, allowing decision-makers to do their jobs with a minimum of distraction.
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