Information Kit: Voice over IP

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>> What is voice over IP (VoIP)?
>> Why isn't everyone already using VoIP?
>> Expert advice: VoIP certification, Implementing VoIP in a small business, Using VoIP at home
>> Learning resources: White papers, protocols, annotated Web links, more...

 What is VoIP?

by Margaret Rouse
Associate Editor,

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a term used in IP telephony for the delivery of voice information using the Internet Protocol (IP). A major advantage of VoIP is that it avoids the tolls charged by ordinary telephone service. In other words, VoIP will allow you to call anywhere on the planet for free! So why aren't we seeing IP phones on all of our desks? Let's find out.

>> Definition of VoIP

>> Words-to-Go: VoIP mini-glossary

Learn more:

>> How VoIP (IP Telephony) works

>> VoIP 101: Behind the technology

>> The essential VoIP bookshelf

 Why isn't everyone already using VoIP?

by Kara Gattine
Associate Editor,

This year, Voice over IP (VoIP) promises (once again) to be one of the few bright spots in a gloomy networking industry. Vendors declare that it delivers voice and data over one simplified network while decreasing maintenance and increasing productivity.

If you've been sitting back, waiting to see where VoIP is heading before you make a commitment to converge your voice and data networks, this information can help you get moving.

Featured Topic: VoIP in ACTION

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>> VoIP Readiness Assessment

>> Preparing for VoIP

>> Calculating Bandwidth for VoIP

>> Tuning your network for VoIP

>> Implementing VoIP

 Expert Advice: VoIP certification, small business VoIP, VoIP at home

Ed Tittel
President, LANWrights

Dear Ed,
I am currently completing training towards MCSE certification. I have obtained A+, NET+, and CCNA certifications. I am very interested in specifically entering the VoIP sector of the IT industry, but there doesn't seem to be any formal education for this specialty. Can you suggest any organizations or programs that may guide me towards VoIP training and/or education?
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Ted Studwell
Customer Design and Engineering , Virtela Communications

Dear Ted,
Can you tell me what advantages VoIP will give me with my present set up - one building only, no other sites and at present very low telephone costs (i.e. outgoing traffic, etc.)
>> Read Ted's answer

Dear Ted,
I like to know if I am able to establish VoIP from my home DSL line. If I can, then what equipment would I need to do that -- and what might it cost? I will be waiting for your reply very anxiously.

>> Read Ted's answer

Ask Ted your own questions about VoIP

 Learning resources

Annotated Web links: Voice/data convergence

VoIP Protocols:
Session Initiation Protocol

White Paper: A Handbook for Successful VoIP Deployment

Know-IT-All quiz: Managing VoIP

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