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VoiceCon Avaya keynote: SIP has come of age

Avaya’s CEO Kevin Kennedy delivered the first keynote at this year’s VoiceCon Orlando, and he took the opportunity to introduce Avaya Aura, a new SIP-based session manager that ties together all of the company’s other technologies, including its IP PBX, its presence server, its messaging server, etc. Avaya also claims it will tie other vendor’s technology into a single system.

Kennedy says SIP has come of age. Clearly Avaya is placing its faith in SIP’s ability to take unified communications to the next level by allowing enterprise networks to focus on sessions rather than packets and giving users access to applications regardless of what network their on.

Kennedy and fellow Avaya executive Brett Shockley demonstrated a lab Facebook application, built on Aura, that would allow enterprise contact center to have video conferencing sessions directly with customers through Facebook. The customer service rep could see the customer’s Facebook page, have context for what the customer is interested in, and conduct a transaction through Facebook. This was pretty cool. I saw a lot of positive buzz on Twitter during the keynote. I’ll write more in depth on Aura later in the show on

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