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UCC investments propel digital transformation initiatives

Many organizations are implementing digital transformation initiatives to boost productivity, cut costs and increase revenue. But how do organizations ensure the success of their digital transformation initiatives? The answer may lie in unified communications and collaboration, or UCC.

In a recent study, Nemertes Research analyzed the digital transformation efforts of various organizations. The firm surveyed more than 700 IT leaders and found successful organizations invest more in foundational technologies, such as UC, WAN services and data center infrastructure.

In particular, successful organizations invested 72% more in UCC than companies with unsuccessful digital transformation initiatives.

“They want to make sure the foundation is set to support all these transformative applications and initiatives,” Robin Gareiss, president of Nemertes, said in a recent webinar. “What could be worse than putting out a video channel for customers and the network doesn’t support it and fails?”

Gareiss said UC straddles the line between foundational and innovative technology. Certain areas of UC — such as voice communications, instant messaging and presence — are considered foundational. But UC becomes innovative within digital transformation with the introduction of new technology, such as team collaboration, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Performance monitoring software can also help organizations see a return on their digital transformation investment. The software, often deployed by third-party providers such as IR and Riverbed, tracks UCC app performance, including uptime and root-cause analysis.

Gareiss said organizations that deployed performance management software saw an increase in adoption and cost savings of their UCC apps compared with organizations that don’t use these software tools. Organizations that deployed performance management tools saw a 19% savings on their UCC implementation costs and 58% savings on their UCC operational costs compared to organizations that don’t use performance management tools.

“The apps are working better and employees are happier with what they’re using,” she said of the effectiveness of performance management software.