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The Polycom VVX 1500 business media phone at VoiceCon

I shot this video at VoiceCon Orlando last week. Tim Yankey, director of product marketing for Polycom, is doing a demo of the VWX 1500, which the vendor describes as a “business media phone.” At a list price of $1099, this phone is meant to sit on the desks of high level executives. It has high quality video and touchscreen capabilities. And Polycom is touting the openness of the platform, encouraging third-party software developers to build light-weight business apps to run on the phone. Polycom doesn’t claim this phone will replace the PC on the desk. Instead it claims the phone will be a compliment to the PC. The phone is certainly slick, but I wonder if it’s worth the money. Couldn’t you get a lot of the same functionality from a softphone? I guess a CEO might want something like this on his or her desk, but broad deployment of such an expensive phone might be hard to justify.

Please forgive the sideways angle at the beginning of this video. I’ve been using my iPhone too much. I’m used to a camera that’s integrated into an accelerometer.

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