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Nortel auction: Avaya or Siemens-Enterasys will bid for UC business

Nortel is breaking apart.

The former crown jewel of Canada’s high-tech industry revealed today that it will sell off its CDMA and LTE wireless telecom infrastructure division to Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) for $650 million. Nortel also revealed that it will sell of the rest of its assets. According to reports, the CDMA division generates $700 million in annual revenue, which means means that NSN will make back its money inside of a year. NSN has also established a low bar for the sale of all of Nortel’s other business units.

A sale of Nortel’s enterprise telephony and unified communications businesses is will probably follow soon. A couple months ago at VoiceCon Orlando, there was plenty of buzz circulating that Avaya and Siemens-Enterasys were both looking to acquire Nortel’s UC business. Neither of them, according to rumors, are interested in technology. Instead, they want the customer base.

A company that’s only looking for access to installed customers might not be willing to pay much for Nortel’s UC division. However, NSN’s $650 million deal with Nortel is so shockingly low that it has certainly driven down Nortel’s asking price for its UC business. The only question now is whether the price has been pushed low enough for Avaya or Siemens to pull the trigger. If that happens, Nortel customers will find themselves with two choices: They can accept whatever incentives the winning bidder offers Nortel customers to buy into their own products, or they can start looking elsewhere.

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