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Microsoft Lync saves Sprint millions…literally

As many sessions held during Enterprise Connect 2012 pointed out, user adoption of enterprise-grade UC tools has been a point of pain for UC vendors. But sometimes when a company goes all-in with enterprise UC or collaboration technology, it can realize serious benefits.

BJ Haberkorn, Group Product Manager for Microsoft Lync told us at the conference that Sprint has experienced a big benefit with Lync–a savings of $30 million annually.

Notably, Sprint has saved $2.5 million in avoidance of PBX upgrade costs, $6.7 million in recurring circuit costs and $4 million in cost avoidance for conferencing since the installation of Lync. The company has even been able to earn some green savings–$700,000 annually because it doesn’t have to power and cool old PBXs anymore.

Sprint has over 500 locations and was looking to do more with less, Haberkorn explained, and the collaboration tool has changed the office environment. The mobile carrier’s 39,000 users are now able to work remotely more easily with voice, IM, desktop file sharing and conferencing capabilities on one platform. As a result, Sprint has changed the layout of many of its offices and even reduced the number of its campuses. “They don’t have cubicles anymore,” Haberkorn said, noting that Sprint has set up unassigned work stations in which employees can grab a spot to get work done when they come in.

“But Sprint told us their employees are in the office no more than 40% of the time, because the employees are now enabled with the tools they need wherever they are,” Haberkorn said.

And the users love being able to go to a meeting by clicking a button without dialing any numbers or searching for conference passcodes.

In addition to cost saving benefits for the enterprise, employees enjoy the ease of use that comes along with click-to-communicate capabilities. While not every company will experience Sprint’s success, Enterprises should fully embrace UC and collaboration tools in order to get their users to follow suit, and to get the most bang for their buck.

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