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Is your PBX bad for business?

The legacy PBX is still a fixture for some organizations, but it may be holding them back from reaching their business goals.

8×8’s Mike Reinhart, senior product marketing manager, and David Leach, business communications consultant, discussed the shortcomings of the PBX in today’s communication environment in the webinar “Your PBX is killing your business.”

Business communication has evolved due to globalization, an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce, integrated workflows and changing buying behaviors, Reinhart and Leach said.

“Picture your PBX in relation to these trends and you realize you’ve got a big problem that needs addressing,” Leach said.

Reinhart and Leach listed 10 problems organizations face with the PBX: High acquisition cost and total cost of ownership; multiple vendors and systems involved; limited integration into business ecosystems; lack of insight into the customer journey; complex upgrades; costly or limited redundancy; complex system administration; security vulnerabilities; out-of-date feature sets; and built-in obsolescence.

“The day you install it, it’s obsolete,” Reinhart said. “It can’t change as your business changes.”

Leach said vendors are on a 12- to 24-month refresh cycle, so vendors are already working on their next PBX by the time an organization buys and deploys one.

But the cloud can eliminate many of the business problems created by legacy PBXs.

Cloud-based communications offers benefits including ease of integration with business ecosystems, resiliency and high availability, built-in security and software is always up to date.

Reinhart and Leach cited a Florida-based vacation travel agency that migrated from a PBX to 8×8’s cloud-based communications services.

Leach said the agency reported business issues that stemmed from its PBX, including downtime caused by frequent hurricanes, a lack of integration of chat and voice traffic in the contact center and lack of integration with Salesforce.

After moving its communications services to the cloud, the agency no longer had to worry about weather-related outages and reported increased sales and agent productivity.

“The cloud gives businesses an edge that the PBX just can’t offer,” he said.