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Google Wave, also known as unified communications gone wild

By now, we’ve all heard about and drooled over and whined about our lack of invites into Google Wave, the latest Google application that promises to “revolutionize” communication — or at least CNN says so.

I only made it 25 minutes into the insanely long Google Wave demo video, which was long enough to see developer Lars Rasmussen do a jig but not quite long enough to see the Wave flex its muscles completely.

Beyond the ooh and ahh factor, how useful do you see this in an enterprise space? Your personal life? Do you really want people seeing you type in real time? One of our sister sites, is postulating that enterprises may be integrating the Google Wave into their own applications:

“People want a single place to collaborate on projects,” said Ted Schadler, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Mass., who wrote a blog post (“Google Wave: Surfing The Future Of Collaboration“) with his take on where Google Wave is heading.

“Right now across corporations, they have spreadsheets, projects hosted on SharePoint, users have to jump from one application to another and partners or customers are given access to a VPN to collaborate,” he said. “That’s why one place to communicate, tying together Google Wave and Google Docs, makes sense.”

I spoke to one Masssachusetts-based analyst tonight who is among the envied few with an advance Google Wave account, so of course asked her what she thought. So, for everyone who feels bad they didn’t get the invite… apparently, Google Wave is not very fun if no one else you know is using it.

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