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Google Social Search getting closer?

While not true for many technology segments, bloggers in the unified communications space often post pragmatic, insightful and useful information. However, finding specific information when you need it in the blogosphere is a challenge, but one that Google is trying to address.

Google Social Search is a new experimental feature designed to help users customize searches, including blogs, reviews and other content publicly available within your social circle.

When signed into your Google account, users can search:

  • Websites, blogs, public profiles, and other content linked from your friends’ Google profiles.
  • Web content, such as status updates, tweets, and reviews, from social services that your friends have listed in their Google profiles.
  • Relevant articles from your Google Reader subscriptions.

Paul Gillin, author of The New Influencers, and my all-around favorite social networking expert, wrote a great post on Google Social Search and SearchWiki, explaining how this new little experiment could become an important component of Google’s strategy: Will all you learned about SEO be worthless?

How does Google Social Search work?

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