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Digital transformation initiatives reap business value

Organizations that want to move on from a legacy communications infrastructure and break down application silos are turning to digital transformation strategies.

According to a survey from Nemertes Research, nearly 70% of the 368 IT leaders surveyed have a digital transformation initiative even if they don’t necessarily call it that. These initiatives include leveraging communications platform as a service (CPaaS) and application program interfaces (APIs) to embed communications into business applications. Organizations are also looking to deploy cloud-based unified communications to further their digital transformation plans.

Organizations are developing digital transformation initiatives to improve business processes, customer service, speed of business and employee interactions, according to the survey. These key drivers create business value for organizations, whether it’s reduced costs or higher sales.

While many organizations are aiming for some kind of digital transformation, only a few are fully digitized, according to a study from Forrester Consulting. More than 50% of the 158 IT professionals surveyed are behind “the maturity curve,” Forrester said, but their organizations expect to have all-digital workflows within the next two years.

Organizations that struggle to support digital transformation initiatives often lack a combination of three factors: budget, expertise and leadership.

“Bolt-on digital initiatives and legacy technologies perpetuate application silos that create barriers for efficiently completing work tasks,” according to the Forrester study, which was commissioned by Alfresco Software. “IT leaders will seek technologies that eliminate these silos in order to deliver the right information within the right application environment at the right time.”

But what does an organization with a successful digital transformation initiative look like? According to the Nemertes survey, successful organizations have a budget per employee and an advisory board or CEO to spearhead the initiative. Successful digital companies also engage IT and business units and include a marketing strategy controlled by IT or corporate leaders.

“The more successful companies invest more in technology overall,” said Nemertes analyst Robin Gareiss. “IT success is greater when you have digital transformation in it.”