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Cisco: Google Wave 'validating' WebEx work

Since I wrote about Google Wave’s UC potential, I’ve been curious as to Cisco’s response. After all, as Frost & Sullivan analyst Vanessa Alvarez pointed out, Google and Cisco could be the best of frenemies.

After chatting with Cisco directly however, it looks like that friendship will have to wait at least a bit to blossom (they contacted me as a direct response to the article). Grace Kim, a senior manager of marketing for Cisco’s WebEx collaboration suite, told me first and foremost the announcement of Google Wave was a sign Cisco was leading the way.

“I think, number one, they’re validating the growth and potential of our SaaS-based applications,” she said. “We’ve been in this space and they’re coming aboard the web-based application model.”

Google’s “coming aboard” the SaaS model? Google IS the SaaS-based business model: Its strikes against Microsoft have come in search, sure, but it was only when the search giant unveiled Google Docs that it truly encroached on Redmond’s territory. Cisco acquired WebEx in 2007, while GMail was launched (in Beta, naturally!) in 2004, with more and more UC features added regularly since then, including chat, video, text … Is conferencing that far behind?

Grace said the WebEx team hadn’t been paying particularly close attention to the Wave news, however, beyond reading some of the news as it came up, and re-iterated that Cisco was committed to interoperability (without signaling Wave or any other product in particular) as a cornerstone to success.

“We’re always looking at all the vendors and where the market’s going and to interoperate with what our customers want,” she said. “We’ll continue to evaluate it as opportunities arrive.”

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