• September 02, 2009 02 Sep'09

    Video conferencing: ROI, TCO and QoS

    Despite, or even because of, the economic recession, the enterprise video conferencing market is growing. Whether it's room-based, desktop, telepresence, or an integration of all three -- the business value of video conferencing is undeniable.  Continue Reading

  • September 02, 2009 02 Sep'09

    Winning users over to video conferencing

    Investing in a video conferencing solution will be fruitless unless you get employees onboard, yet gaining user acceptance of video conferencing not as easy as it seems. Here are some useful guidelines to follow to help employees keep an open mind ...  Continue Reading

  • September 02, 2009 02 Sep'09

    Telepresence is the next best thing to being there

    Telepresence is the best video conferencing available. This article explains how telepresence looks, feels and works; identifies key telepresence providers; and provides information to help you determine if an investment in telepresence is right for...  Continue Reading