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Will taking a CCIE training course produce the same benefits as taking the exam?

While training courses are integral to both CCIE and TUC knowledge, you need to take the corresponding exams to reap the full career benefits.

Career-wise, is spending money on Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) training a better investment than attending Troubleshooting UC (TUC) training? Must you take (and pass) the corresponding exams to reap any job-related benefits, or is just taking the training courses enough?
As far as CCIE goes, you really must take the exam to reap the benefits. The Lab portion is notoriously difficult, so nobody takes an "almost CCIE" seriously. I have some very capable friends and colleagues who are now CCIE's who had to take this $1,400 exam (plus travel costs) three times before they finally passed. You can find my response to the TUC training/examination issue from an earlier response of my to that very question here. The short version here is that taking and passing the exam is also preferable to simply completing the training, because it confirms that you were ready, willing, and able to be examined on the subject matter. Otherwise, you could simply sleep through the course!

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