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Will VoIP telephones work successfully in a small LAN?

In this expert response, learn how VoIP telephones work in a smaller LAN.

Will VoIP telephones work successfully in a small wired LAN with a QoS-capable switch (Quality of Service), bridged by wireless access points to a larger LAN with QoS switches and a VoIP-capable PBX? Do I need to have access points with 802.11e for bridging so that QoS is delivered by all the components? The access points themselves won't be providing the VoWLAN (Voice over wireless LAN).
Small could be a lot of things. If I tell a kid to get a small bowl of ice cream, it will likely be very different than my idea of a small bowl of ice cream, so your question is a bit tricky. 802.11e was developed to handle some of the inadequacies in the wireless Media Access Control (MAC) layers to support VoIP and other real time applications. I highly recommend their use. Even if the LAN segment is "small" that does not necessarily mean that the traffic will be "small" as well. It depends on the amount of bandwidth you need, etc. You can always try it on this connection first and then upgrade later, if necessary, but I think you will be better serviced with 802.11e equipment.

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