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Why is SIP not good for transporting large amounts of data?

SearchVoIP.com resident guru Carrie Higbie answers a member-submitted question about SIP limitations.

I've heard that SIP is not good at transporting large data. I am wondering why? Is it only because the overhead gets to large?
SIP initiates a virtual session rather than a physical one. So for instance if you were transmitting giant files you would want a point to point system that dedicates the bandwidth from one point to the other. SIP is widely used for a variety of applications including voice and video and is hearty. So I am not sure what size file you want to transfer. If you are transferring the occasional large file, you will be fine with SIP – if you plan to use it for backups – well then you will want something else like FTP or a dedicated line that is more suitable to that application.

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