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Why did our new wireless installation kill MSN Messenger?

I need help in reconfiguring a 802.11b installation. Prior to the wireless installation, we were able to use the MSN Messenger voice/IM feature, but now we can't. Is there a simple resolution? Thanks.
If you installed an 802.11g router that applies Network Address Translation (NAT), then you might be having trouble receiving incoming NetMeeting calls. In short, your wireless router can't figure out who should receive incoming packets that don't appear to belong to any existing session.

This is a fairly complex problem; resolution can be easy or impossible depending upon which router you're using. To learn more, visit Microsoft's Windows XP help page on Working with Firewalls and Network Address Translation, paying special attention to the sections that cover Windows Messenger. Note that 802.11 access points don't have this problem, since they do not firewall traffic or apply NAT like 802.11 wireless routers do.

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