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Who are some of the better VoIP vendors currently in the marketplace?

Who are some of the better VoIP vendors currently in the marketplace? Specifically, vendors who supply VoIP PBX systems? We are looking for a system capable of growing to 250 users and, initially, we wish it to interface with our legacy NEC NEAX SDS-SP.
There are multiple VoIP PBX manufacturers, but it is important to select a system based on open standards that will allow you to integrate with your existing infrastructure and add devices from other vendors if you decide to. You should also consider a system that is easy to manage and highly integrated. I recommend that you look at the MX250 from Zultys Technologies for your application. It is a comprehensive and feature rich IP PBX that is easily expanded using software licenses. See http://www.zultys.com/MX250.htm. The system can also interface with your NEC PBX using tie lines.
This was last published in September 2004

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We use Cisco for VoIP. We are an organization of just over 1000. The transition was bumpy, but it's not bad.