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When switching your business phones to VoIP, can you keep the same numbers?

When you are thinking of switching to VoIP, and currently use multiple carriers for fax, phone, and Internet, can you keep the same phone numbers?

I am thinking of switching my business phones to VoIP. We have several Verizon lines, a Verizon dedicated fax line and, most importantly, an AT&T Toll Free number that rings on a Verizon line. Can we keep all our numbers, including the toll free number?
In most instances this won't be a problem. Depending on your equipment you, may or may not need a gateway for this to happen, but Verizon and ATT are very good about forwarding numbers as needed. Just have a chat with your local representative and you should have no problems. One caveat, it may not be an immediate change, so in your implementation schedule be sure to account for any time required for this to happen.

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