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What's the advantage of video in a team collaboration app?

While messaging has its benefits, employees sometimes need to elevate their conversations to a video collaboration session. Determine how video fits in your UC strategy.

Both end users and vendors struggle with multiple aspects of a team collaboration app. One challenge, for instance, is viewing each feature as an isolated and discrete choice, such as voice, video or messaging.

This strategy works well for one-to-one communication, where information is exchanged and one mode does the job. If I message someone to relay a simple update, for instance, I won't switch to video unless the nature of the task changes in midstream.

However, when working in a team collaboration app and the task involves more than information exchange, you need collaboration -- not just communication.

The power of unified communications (UC) is elevating the value of applications from stand-alone tools to being part of an integrated service where they can be used in sequence or in concert. UC creates a more dynamic environment for a team collaboration app, where workers can switch in and out of modes as their needs dictate. Without UC, switching communication modes requires more effort with less certainty of success, as workers need to juggle separate apps, often in a nonstandardized manner.

So, when using a team collaboration app, the main benefit is switching from messaging to video collaboration as the need dictates. When these applications are used in a stand-alone fashion, workers think discretely, choosing one or the other, but not both. UC changes that siloed approach.

While messaging may be preferred by some workers, they know it's limited, especially for more complex tasks. During a collaboration session, when that limit has been reached, UC allows users to use video to augment messaging or replace it altogether.

UC creates that advantage -- a flexible, user-defined team collaboration experience that stand-alone applications cannot provide.

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