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What type of company structure will maximize VoIP ROI?

Learn what kind of company structure -- enterprise, SMB or somewhere in between -- will maximize VoIP ROI.

What type of company structure will maximize VoIP ROI?
Generally speaking, the larger the company, the better the ROI. The economics of VoIP become attractive to companies that do a lot of calling between offices across distant geographies, both domestically and internationally. They can also realize savings by requiring fewer physical trunks, as traffic shifts from TDM to IP. Those would be the easiest savings to identify that are based on the scale of operations.

To a lesser extent, ROI will come from savings around enhanced features. With TDM, many calling features come at an added cost, but these are usually included with VoIP. The same applies to MACs -- moves, adds and changes. With VoIP, these can be self-provisioned by end users, eliminating the need for costly service visits as well as internal IT support. As such, for companies that use many enhanced calling features, and/or need to frequently move employees around, these factors will strengthen the ROI story for VoIP.

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