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What should I know about the Shoretel IP switch?

What should I know about the Shoretel IP switch?

My company is looking into buying a Shoretel system. What do you know about the Shoretel IP switch?
Shoretel has a growing market share of the IP PBX business for small to medium businesses. I would suggest that you look at all of the various modules available. The core price may be more attractive, but will probably not provide you with all of the features that you want.

As their products have several add-ons, make sure that you understand which will be needed to get the full feature set that you want. Be sure to check the management requirements. And also be sure that you completely understand any potential security risks due to operating systems, telnet, etc., that may need to be addressed.

Finally, I would suggest that you talk to some existing customers to determine how their implementations are going -- try to find someone that put it in over a year ago for the best benefit here. I would also suggest asking another provider to contrast their system to Shoretel's. It is always a good idea to look at a couple of providers before making the switch.

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