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What should I know about H.323 when we upgrade our system?

What should I know about H.323 when we upgrade our system?

I have a VoIP system (gatekeeper or softswitch) and a Cisco gateway installed in my network. However, lately we've been confused by the supplier about a H.323 connection. Per my understanding, H.323 is vendor independent. But, when we upgraded the system software to the newer version, the vendor asked us to upgrade the IOS in our Cisco gateway. Do you have any advice?

Secondly, are there different modes of connection on H.323? Is it true there is one called Fast Start with H.245 tunneling? And slow start with tunneling?
What is the difference? What is the impact for call setup and connection stability?

In order to properly pass packets and prioritize them, an upgrade to your Cisco IOS may be necessary. Various versions have triggers built in to make the priority marking work better. There may also be some incompatibility between your software and your Cisco gear. Typically when a piece of software is written for a certain IOS the vendor has tailored the code to take advantage of some of the newer features. I would suggest upgrading as your supplier has recommended.

H.245 is the control mechanism for H.323. In H.245, the logical channel 0 is open and allows calls to be managed through this logical channel. In multimedia transmissions, such as H.323, various means can be used to move the calls and to manage the sessions while the calls are open. Depending on how your routers are configured and what your software capabilities are, this may provide a small boost in performance.

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