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What is the delay when using VoIP?

Please can you tell me what is the delay that a VoIP user experiences? What is the delay when satellite links are used?
It depends on the system and the infrastructure that it runs on. If you look at a person when you are having a voice conversation, it is noticeable that you see them speak before you hear them. The farther the link or distance, the longer the delay is. That said, you will rarely have a conversation on the phone with someone you can see. If you utilize a satellite link, it can be worse, as the signal goes to the satellite and back to earth. If the people can operate with this, it is fine. The farther the distance, however, the more difficult it is to have a conversation, because you can start talking the same time as someone else and it may take you a few words to realize that you are both talking at once. So if you are going great distances, be sure that the calls are handled at the right priority on your system.

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