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What is the SVC Codec and how is it used?

The SVC codec is an extension to the H.264 standard for video encoding used by many equipment manufacturers, explains our video conferencing expert.

What is the SVC codec and how is it used?

The SVC codec refers to "Scalable Video Coding," which is an extension to the H.264 standard for video encoding. A number of video conferencing equipment manufacturers embrace SVC encoding, including Avaya/Radvision, LifeSize, Polycom and Vidyo.

The codec translates bits from the network data stream into a picture and conversely translates camera video into a bit stream. SVC codecs adapt to sub-par network connections by dropping packets or portions of the encoded picture in a way that reduces the frame rate or resolution of the picture, which prevents the picture from breaking up. SVC is backwards compatible so an SVC codec can communicate with an H.264 codec that is not SVC-capable.

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