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What is a good benchmark number for IP router management?

What is a good benchmark number for IP router management?

What is a good benchmark number for IP router management? For instance: number of staff necessary per shift, to monitor and repair, per 1,000 routers and 1,000 circuits.
For benchmarking of resources, we typically try to ballpark the number of network devices each resource can handle as follows:

  • high complexity network device -- 15 to 20 per staff member

  • medium complexity network device -- 60 to 75 per staff member

  • low complexity network device -- 250 to 300 per staff member


  • high complexity devices include enterprise switches and IP PBX switches,

  • medium complexity assets include LAN wired and wireless routers, and

  • low complexity assets include hubs and similar low-end devices.

For larger organizations -- those with more than $1 billion in revenue -- economies of scale can help reduce staff needs by 10-20%. For smaller organizations -- less than $30 million in revenue -- an additional 10-20% resources should be planned.

Companies with superior IT capability and maturity -- and above-average application of people, processes and technology -- can reduce IT costs and improve IT productivity, making a 10-20% lower staff headcount not atypical. Simplification of the network through standardization and consolidation are key to achieving this lower staff headcount ratio. Conversely, an organization with lower-than-average capability and maturity can expect to need 10-20% additional staff.

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