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What equipment is needed to set up a VoIP network from a new satellite service?

Learn what equipment is needed to set up a new VoIP network with satellite service in this expert response from ATE panelist Carrie Higbie.

I am trying to set up VOIP from a new satellite service with a static IP address. It has a speed of 256kbps upload and 1.5Mbps Download. I was told it could be done with an internet appliance with VPN tunneling. What equipment will I need and where can I find it? And will it actually work with Satellite Internet?
You can use any internet router that works with your satellite system to allow this. I am not sure why they would require a VPN tunnel, unless you are tunneling into a VoIP PBX and using it for transmissions. There will be significantly more latency with the satellite than traditional land based broadband due to the time it takes for the packet to get to space and back. As for where to buy the equipment, there are several on the internet. I would suggest searching for satellite internet router – that should fix you right up!

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