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What does mean opinion score mean in regard to VoIP?

What is a mean opinion score and how does it apply to VoIP? UC expert Matt Brunk explains how to measure voice quality.

What does mean opinion score mean in regard to VoIP?

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In the telephony world, mean opinion score is defined as the "numerical measure of the quality of human speech at the destination end of the circuit." The mean opinion score (MOS) is a rating from one to five with five being excellent call quality.

Manufacturers of routers such as Adtran Inc. use metrics such as MOS within their Voice Quality Monitoring software to gauge call quality of VoIP traffic. The drill-down statistics and reporting allow network administrators to locate where issues are and isolate them. More sophisticated examples of MOS metrics involve companies such as Riverbed Technology,​ which provide substantial storage of recorded calls and traffic that allow the network administrators to retrieve voice calls with low scores.

The statistical use of mean opinion score is a scientific method to gauge call quality, and while it leaves some subjectivity, it is infinitely better than relying upon the PSTN without call quality metrics to gauge issues and the ability to resolve them.

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