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What do you see as the future trends of VoIP?

What do you see as the future trends of VoIP?
In the not too distant past many businesses were using typewriters instead of PCs. Today one would struggle to find a business that is not using PCs. Businesses rely on the vast array of applications that have been developed for PCs. These applications help businesses accomplish their goals, increase productivity, and provide a competitive advantage.

Voice over IP (VoIP) based communications systems are replacing all of the old TDM based PBX systems in enterprises today for the same reason that PCs replaced typewriters. Businesses require a communications system that will increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide them with a competitive advantage.

Many suppliers have developed products that support open standards such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). SIP not only allows for VoIP communication but also supports video, fax, and presence and instant messaging. SIP is extensible and is able to support new forms of communications as they evolve. Open standards are important because they provide a foundation that can be built upon by many.

Moving further into the 21st Century, more suppliers will base their products on open standards so that enterprises can have flexibility and choice when deploying their communications solution. Just as new applications are continually developed for the PC, new applications will continue to appear for IP based communications systems.

The workforce is going to become increasingly mobile and applications for multimedia wireless communications devices will become increasingly abundant. People within the enterprise are going to be reachable anywhere by using a single address.

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